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January 31, 2014
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July 7, 2014
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Retail Marketing

Next time you’re at the grocery store make note of how retail marketing is using psychology to market breakfast cereals to children.

Children’s cereal boxes are designed so that the eyes of the mascots look downward to make direct eye contact with 3-foot-tall shoppers. And take note that most if not all of children’s cereals have large mascots displayed prominently on the front of the boxes, all with large eyes staring out, waiting for their next buyer.

Cereal makers aren’t just placing mascots on their boxes for nothing. There is a distinct psychological bond made when eye contact is made with the target buyer, and boxes marketed to kids are designed with mascot’s eyes at a 9.6 degree downward angle. Adult cereals have characters looking straight ahead.

So next time you’re shopping on the cereal aisle, take note but don’t stare too long, you may not be able to resist buying!

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