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June 2, 2022
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Retail Marketing

retail marketing

The Psychology of Product Positioning in Retail Advertising

Why the Top?

In a consumer behavior experiment, researchers studied image placement and its effect on buying behavior.
Cookies seemed lighter when they were located toward the top of the package and in advertisements.(Deng & Kahn, 2009).
A low-calorie diet cookie was presented using two different graphic designs. In one, the cookies were placed at the top, on the other-at the bottom. Sales of the cookies in packaging and advertisements with the image at the top sold twice as well compared to the other.

Why? Our eyes enter a visual field from the top left and this becomes an anchor point. Images placed further from this point are perceived as heavier in weight.

Subconsciously, it felt like the cookies were lifted to this location — so, naturally, they must be lighter and have less calories.
retail marketing