Video Advertising

Video is perhaps the most powerful communications tool we have, with the ability to educate, inspire, motivate and communicate. Video helps our clients engage with their audiences at levels other mediums cannot.
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Video advertising allows you to get your message across to thousands more people. It makes it possible for you to reach potential clients who would not have seen your ad otherwise, such as those driving down the highway, watching television or simply surfing the Internet. More than any other form of advertising – even social media – video marketing can be an effective medium for promoting your brand as well as creating a powerful calling card when pitching customers on your services and products.

Here is why video advertising can get you noticed:

1. Video is shareable and go viral very quickly

The majority of videos are now viewed through online sites like YouTube that allow users to post comments on videos they find interesting or view whatever they want free of charge. The trick is to find the right balance of information or entertainment in your video so that it is attractive enough for others to want to see and then share with their friends. There are many examples on YouTube where videos go viral very quickly because they take advantage of a phenomenon such as “fail” or “cat.”

2. The right video can dramatically increase your reach

The average person now spends over four hours every day watching online videos. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with more people than any other form of advertising, reaching out even if they have never heard about your products or services before. If your video makes an impression on viewers, telling them something new, sharing a novel idea — and maybe even making them laugh – potential clients who have never heard about your business before can now see who you are and find out more about what you do.

3. Video is effective in capturing the attention of viewers

Since so many people watch online videos, it has become increasingly important to make a great first impression. The most successful video marketing campaigns use short clips that present your product or service very quickly while being as interesting as they can be. You want to grab viewers’ attention strongly right from the start, and then hold them all the way until the end by making sure that each video gives viewers something new. Too long and viewers will just browse on to something else; too dull or confusing and they’ll leave without a second thought. So focus on cutting out anything unnecessary, keeping things brief and to the point, and keeping viewers engaged and interested.

4. Video content can be easily shared on social media sites

Video marketing allows you to connect with viewers over a greater span of time because they can share it right through social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter and sometimes even embed in their own blog posts. This makes video marketing more effective than other forms of advertising that are only seen for a short period until the next ad comes along or when you have one chance at getting your message across.

5. You can see who is watching your videos – and then target potential customers based on that information

YouTube lets you track how many hits your videos get so you know which ones are worth putting up again, but also where those viewers live. This can give you clues as to which potential clients may be interested in your services or products, and now that you know, you can tailor future videos to these individuals with even more information about what they may want to tell others.

6. Potential customers are more likely to call or visit when they see a video advertising your company

Once potential customers know who you are and what you do, if they find your service or product interesting enough then they will naturally be curious to contact you for more information on how it works or how much it costs.

August 14, 2018
RLS Group wins awards for video presentation

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