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March 12, 2014
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Logo design - RLS Group advertising agency in Jacksonville Florida

A logo is the heart and soul of your company.

Your logo is your brand. It's the first thing your clients and prospects see and it needs to make a lasting impression. We put lots of research into our award-winning logos - from psychological color implications to which way to lean a letter! The process can take a week or a year-and-a-half. (our current record!) Either way, you'll be pleased at the result.

Effective logo design is important in communication of your company’s message that attracts the target audience you sell your products and services to. A logo portrays the values and goals of your company and is an important piece of the branding strategy. Logos have multiple roles and are seen in direct marketing, public relations, print and website design.

Here at RLS Group, we study your client demographic and company philosophy to create a logo that effectively and accurately supports the branding message. A great logo design will differentiate you from your competition while creating brand confidence in your target market.

Establish your brand and get recognized with a logo design by RLS Group. Call 904.342.6479.