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September 22, 2015
February 20, 2014
RLS Group video for web and television

    Video Production & Editing Agency Jacksonville

    RLS Group concepts, creates and produces video for a wide range of uses: ads for television and web as well as video for company meetings, projects and promotions. And we'll place them on your website and social media for maximum exposure.

    video production - RLS Group advertising and marketing agency

    Video advertising is the future of advertising. Traditionally brands that have advertised on television and cable TV have moved to producing digital video ads. Digital video advertising allows opportunities for precise data collection of viewer demographics, brand exposure, and targeting messaging. Traditional television doesn't allow for such targeted messaging and relies on a blanket approach to messaging the entire marketplace or geo location.

    Video advertising has evolved from being one segment of the marketing channel. According to research, more than 50% of consumers prefer and desire video content from brands over any other type of content.

    Research also has found that consumers and prospects remember a video advertisement 95% of the time as compared with 10% when the advertisement is read. Video ads also have a higher click-through rate than banner advertisements and are shareable across all social media channels- Facebook video ads, LinkedIn video ads, YouTube video ads, Vimeo video ads, and more. Video advertisements are also adaptable to be viewed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

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    • Video production
    • Scriptwriting
    • Product Demos
    • Animation
    • High definition and Web output
    • 1080p and MP4
    • Advertisements and PSAs for television

    Video Production

    Video is one of the most compelling media to reveal, convey and understand your message. RLS Group does video production for both small businesses and large corporations. We create meaningful content that works for your multimedia campaigns, your press kits, or your website. Whether your video needs are big or small, we will make sure your message is eloquently delivered.


    Scriptwriting is a massive undertaking. The idea is to write a story about a set of characters or an issue, to be fulfilled by the images the filmmakers' capture. It may seem easy at first, but if you want your script to make an impact, you need to devote time and care to the script’s structure. Most screenplays have about 25-30 pages, so spending the time writing a script is a worthwhile investment. It’s best to hire professionals to help with the writing to ensure it is the best it can be. Scriptwriting doesn't have to be technical, it can be inspiring for audiences for any company.

    Product Demos

    Product demos are short, high-impact videos about your product. These videos are created primarily to demonstrate the benefits of living with your product. They are commonly used in conjunction with social media, to showcase your product across social media, or at trade shows to raise revenue. A great way to share your product is to create a short video and post it to social media. Product demos can offer a fresh take on your products and services.


    The role animation can play in business marketing is exciting, to say the least. Animation can bring your products to life in a way that attracts customers to your company. One of the best ways to sell your product than to offer a high-quality animation featuring your company logo, an engaging story about your product, and entertaining branding.

    High Definition and Web Output

    High-definition video is going to look better and more professional on a big screen TV or a wall-mounted PC monitor. This is a great way to illustrate the value of your product. Web videos are increasingly becoming the digital standard for printed brochures, flyers, and business cards.

    1080p and MP4

    1080p and MP4 are the new trends in video marketing in the online world. It is crucial to have animators with the latest equipment to maintain the right quality level.

    Advertisements and PSAs for Television

    Advertisements and public service announcements are a good way to promote your product and familiarize your audience with your company and its message. The commercials can be local or national. Local commercials can be broadcast during the commercial ads of other interesting programs that take place in the same time slot. It should be part of your strategy to advertise your products to a wider television audience.

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