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Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Ever wonder what the most expensive keywords are in Google Adwords Advertising?

In the digital world, rumors have circulated for years around what was the highest-priced keyword.

Here is a list from WordStream, one of RLS Group’s digital marketing partners, compiled from keyword data from their Free Keyword Tool which was used to determine which keywords had the highest costs per click (or CPC’s) in Google AdWords.

Here is a new, comprehensive analysis of keyword data for five different currencies in English-speaking countries. The top 25 most expensive keywords were researched from all of the pay-per-click advertising campaigns for 2017 (meaning these niche markets are super-competitive) along with their average CPC .

Ready to see what the 25 most expensive keywords are in 2017? Here we go:

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns-Google Adwords-RLS Group advertising agency

The online world is here to stay. To raise your visibility and attract new customers, there is no better strategy than using an Online Marketing campaign that includes Google AdWords. With more than 350 million unique users every month, Google’s programs ensure brand visibility to a large audience. Customers are constantly searching for products & services on the web and with a little help from Google, you can connect with these potential clients and start generating revenue today!

Google AdWords Benefit #1 – Target Local Customers Worldwide

Google search gives you access to billions of people around the globe who share similar interests as yours. It enables you to target local consumers looking for information about your business by location in over 100 countries (Spanish language sites will give you access to Latin American countries.)

With Google AdWords, you don’t have to wait until people start searching for your product or service. You can reach out to customers who are actively looking for businesses just like yours! Having a strong presence on the search engine can make it easier to:

Users in nearby locations who are searching for local products & services will be more likely to choose “Your Company Name” over their competition – and chances are, one of these searchers is your ideal customer!

Google allows advertisers to show ads globally via geo-targeting methods which include cities, countries, regions or languages. The best part about this is that your ads will only appear in areas where buyers speak the same language as you do. If want to advertise in a foreign language, you can still reach people who use Google to search in their native tongue.

With AdWords, there is no better way to connect with your target audience on a global scale! If you are searching for new ways to grow your business, this is it. You don’t have to speak multiple languages or break the bank just to expand internationally. Not only does this offer lower costs than traditional forms of advertising (i.e.- print publications), but its versatility and effectiveness make it worth every penny. 

Keep in mind that not all features are available in each country’s version of AdWords; however, there are many helpful tools:

1) Create different marketing campaigns for keywords in different countries. For example, if you’re an electronics company in the United States, create a separate campaign that targets only Canada. Select all of your ads and the display network to target Canada exclusively.

2) Ensure that your landing page has proper language translation and is properly targeted to local consumers. If you have local offices or distribution centers, showcase those locations by displaying your physical address on this page as well. This type of consistency will impress foreign customers and gain more trust than if they had no way to locate their closest supplier! Make sure that your website (which Google discovered through a keyword query) represents your brand perfectly – both visually & linguistically. 

3) AdWords can be used in conjunction with other online marketing programs such as email marketing & RSS feeds. These are the best types of web content to utilize when building credibility and trust over time with your prospects. Sending out a newsletter or blog post will help you to establish yourself as a local business that consumers can rely on for high-quality products & service, which is crucial if you’re hoping to be seen as an industry leader by your target audience!

Google AdWords Benefit #2 – Tailor Your Ads For Maximum Appeal

Google AdWords offers advertisers many options in terms of crafting ads that will appeal to their target clientele: 

1) Set Conversions: Through Conversion Tracking, campaigns can be set up so that Google records each user’s action after clicking on your ad (i.e.- purchase) and then credits the account based off of a percentage value. In this way, you’ll know how successful each individual campaign was for your company!

2) Ad Extensions: You can get more out of your text ads when you utilize these features. They make it easier to reach customers that are already interested in finding what your business has to offer via their search queries. This means that they’re currently evaluating whatever keywords triggered the appearance of your ad and have a certain level of interest before even viewing your advertisement! 

3) Labels: These are great for companies & organizations with large sales volume or numerous locations/products. Label ads allow businesses to display multiple products in one single ad and to split up their advertising platform in a way that makes it more user-friendly.  

4) Sitelinks: By including this feature, your primary ad is accompanied by other “links” that directly lead customers to specific pages/products on your website! This tool helps you link several keywords together while also targeting specific demographics at the same time. 

AdWords is an extremely useful source of online marketing for businesses and organizations looking to increase their visibility & improve sales generation as soon as possible! It’s also much less expensive than traditional means of advertising such as print campaigns; therefore, this alternative has become very popular over the last few years!