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SEO in 2018: Optimizing for voice search

voice search - search engine optimization for voice search on mobile devices

SEO in 2018: Optimizing for voice search

Don’t neglect voice search for your website Search Engine Optimization! Voice search on mobile is growing. It’s more important now than ever  to prepare your website so searchers can find exactly what they’re looking for when they’re asking for it by voice. Digital marketing continues to change as more and more people use voice to search for goods and services.

  1. Searchers often used the same keywords in mobile search that they did in desktop search; however, certain keywords were used much more often on mobile search than desktop search (and vice versa).
  2. Whole new categories of queries emerged as searchers realized that GPS and other features of mobile search could allow them to use queries that just didn’t work in desktop search.

An example of the first point is a query like “store hours,” which peaks in volume when shoppers are headed to stores:

An example of the second is “near me” queries, which have grown dramatically with mobile search and mostly occur on mobile phones:

The mode of search therefore changes search behavior as searchers understand what types of searches work well on mobile but not on desktop.

Google has found that voice searches are very different and these searches are 30 times more likely to be action queries than normal searches. Understanding the differences in how people search online versus searching by voice will help marketers prepare their websites for search engine optimization and will help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for when searching by voice on a mobile device.