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The brand needs to be out ahead, leading and owning the narrative

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, non-profit, retail or B2B.

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Branding touches all parts of the marketing communications package and is seen in digital marketing, public relations, print and website design.

At RLS Group, we study your value proposition and company philosophy to create a brand that is instantly recognized and resonates with your customer.

  • Creative and Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Collateral and Brochure Design
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Positioning


Creative and Graphic Design

Branding is about more than just the logo. It's understanding the psychology of perception. A great brand has a certain energy, style, and charisma that sets it apart from all the rest. Your branding is your business's public face and that is something that cannot be ignored and must be treated with care and thoughtfulness to avoid negative consequences and ensure ongoing success. We offer a suite of services for our customers which includes branding, logo design, print design, website design, and graphic design for a wide range of creative and graphic design services.

Logo Design

Designing a logo can help any business establish legitimacy, identity, and pride in what they do. The importance of design for all industries is undeniable, but understanding the importance of design in the branding industry is crucially important for freelancers. Here are some important reasons why it’s important to engage in the design process in the name of branding. It helps business associates establish a relationship with your business. It has been said that the average human being from any field of expertise can spot a bad logo design a mile off, even if you do have a great product or service to sell. As a result, brands that have a good logo design tend to attract more customers and sell more products.

Collateral and Brochure Design

Brochure and collateral design are essential for getting quick purchases from prospects. Having printed visual materials to showcase your products and services can be an excellent way to introduce your business and get potential customers to take a closer look. Your brochure and logo design should reflect the same passion and energy that you have in your work to maximize your business and make your job a bit easier.

But collateral design is more than just selling products. It also involves things like a product brochure, looseleaf brochures, display brochures, booklets, posters, leaflets, catalogs, promotional marketing

It is the complete stream of information for the prospect to read, digest, and act on. That means tailoring collateral design on a per-business-impact basis.

Brand Voice

Develop a brand identity in a way that speaks to your target audience. Next, define a tone and emotion for your brand in a short interview with a customer. Develop a brand narrative that is based on your own experiences.

No matter what the size of your brand's target audience, you must be clear on the tone of your brand, expressing the same type of emotion. You can use a variety of communication modes—from a blog to a website—to express your brand's message.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the process of clarifying the identity of the brand. It helps establish the firm's preferred way of doing or being in relation to your market. By communicating your brand to your ideal customer, the positioning makes it increasingly easier to connect with your potential audience. Brand positioning helps create a perception about the brand in the mind’s eye of your target market, which hopefully leads to increased sales. Leading brands rely heavily on branding to create an emotional connection with their customer.

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