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Leverage all of your digital channels.

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, text messaging and mobile apps.

RLS Group is a Jacksonville digital marketing agency that, in addition to traditional advertising agency services, focuses on digital strategy, development, execution and measurement of customer‐facing digital experiences across the customer journey. Digital marketing is an important marketing channel for all organizations. We'll begin by a complete audit of your website to improve search engine rankings and site SEO then will set out to improve upon your online presence to target your customers and prospects.

    Website Design and Development

    Among the many services that we offer, our website design and development company is integral to the growth of your website. Our development team can take your website to the next level with advanced features to increase the effectiveness of your site. Whether it’s a re-design or a simple site redesign, our team can create or create an improvement to increase the effectiveness of your website.

    Search Engine Optimization SEO

    Developing a website that ranks well in search engines is imperative for an organization's success. Improving your SEO can help your company increase its visibility in search results and become more appealing to potential customers. SEO services will also bring in more and more visitors and drive in revenue. We'll be working with you to identify changes to your URL, content, and site structure to achieve the best performance.

    Pay-Per-Click PPC and AdWords

    Today, digital marketers and small business owners focus on digital channels and actively use these channels to promote their brands and offer effective solutions to business problems. Paid advertising campaigns can be effective in driving sales and increasing conversions, helping to gain immediate results for your business.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing campaigns are excellent for creating personalized content that connects with your audience. Email marketing helps you achieve your digital marketing objectives of generating leads for your website, driving traffic to your website, increasing conversion, getting customer service inquiries, selling more products, and advertising to specific audiences.

    Display Advertising

    With display advertising, it's easier to buy advertising online, target consumers using the digital channels they use, and coordinate marketing campaigns with market segmentation. It's now easier to be more strategic about your marketing plan, focused on the marketing you want to invest in the most, whether it's market segmentation or analytics.

    IP Targeting

    IP targeting or location-based marketing is an effective digital marketing tool because it helps identify visitors based on their IP address. This means your ads can be displayed to only the people in the intended geographic region you want, boosting your conversions.

    One of the best benefits of location-based marketing is the cost savings for the business. There is also the ability to target and create more personalized advertisements directly to your audience. By segmenting your target audience, your marketing team can test and streamline your campaigns based on response resulting in better results.

    We offer digital marketing services in virtually every medium, from website design and development to SEO, PPC, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, and much more. We specialize in marketing services to your current customers, your new customers, and your potential customers.

    Be it in the form of an email campaign, a TV advertisement, or a print advertisement – we offer a service that meets all your marketing needs. Learn more about our digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today at 904.342.6479.


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