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January 31, 2014
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May 22, 2014
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From big companies to non-profits to products, branding your company is a delicate, often time-consuming process.

While there are many ways to begin, the BEST way is to gather research from a wide range of influencers who will help you determine your new brand’s sweet spot. Getting the name and creative direction for logo development requires a dedicated team on both sides of the creative fence — client and agency — always keeping the focus on the target audience’s needs.

Creative development is a series of logo graphic treatments containing various colors and fonts, which brings the research to life and often resonates in some form or fashion with the client. And like most things in life, the cream almost always rises to the top! In other words, let the best logo always wins.

Once the logo and brand identity guidelines (color palette, fonts, graphic) are approved, the agency launches a marketing campaign.

Here are some trends that will help when rebranding your business.