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Evolution of WordPress Websites

wordpress websites

WordPress  websites have come a long way since 2003.
For ease of use, customization, search engine optimization (SEO) and the ability of assigning site updates to multiple people, WordPress is a powerful website platform for businesses to use. RLS Group builds WordPress websites for business and e-commerce.

Here’s a timeline of WordPress website features and versions.

wordpress websites

With the advent of HTML5, themes have become a lot more standardized. And themes for WordPress have evolved from a basic blog to an eCommerce store. Back in the early 2000s, WordPress was used by only a few people because it wasn’t “real” content management system that was marketed for business use.

What Are The Benefits of WordPress?

With the introduction of WordPress, you can now have a blog website for free and make some money off your content. Some people may not see much value in blogging at first, but if you give it a try and really market yourself and your blog well, you will be surprised how many people will read your content.

You can also use other services like AdSense to supplement your income. Nowadays there are even many successful affiliate programs that pay you good commissions on sales through your site. If you are interested in making money from blogs, you should check out our article on getting started as an Internet Marketer .

Another benefit is that WordPress has very strong SEO capabilities which mean that search engines love it and so when they find it they had high rankings for the searches. It has very good user experience which means that it is easy to navigate and use by the end users. This has also added on to its popularity because your viewers will not lose interest in your website but instead look forward to seeing more of your content.

WordPress Websites: Ease of Use and Customization

WordPress is very easy to use with its built-in features. In fact, you do not even need to know how HTML and CSS work if you use the default theme or a popular new one like the Genesis Framework. Just like creating websites in Microsoft Word, which you can easily change fonts, colors and layouts using the tool bars, WordPress has made website creation just as easy. With these tools plugins are created for almost any functionality that your website might require.

There are also so many free templates available on various sites like Code Canyon , ThemeForest, etc. These free themes make it easier than ever to create a site without having to spend a fortune on hiring web developers. It will take you only minutes to install and customize your site without knowing any HTML, CSS or PHP.

With a simple plugin called WPML, you can very easily turn your website into a multilingual one which supports multiple languages and even switching between them with only the push of a button! If there was ever an easy way to create websites for people from other countries it is with WordPress .

No Programming Required

WordPress websites require no programming. If you want to do some customization it will require a little bit of knowledge in CSS and PHP as well as using other tools like plugins or custom code. But with these added features comes the need for security on your website which we’ll talk about later in this article as one of the drawbacks of WordPress .

WordPress does not just support blogs but also eCommerce sites, forums, photography sites or even discussion boards. Take a look at our top list of best WordPress themes for more details on what is possible with WordPress .  There are thousands of themes and plugins available to customize any site that you can think up! You could have dozens if not hundreds of different sites all based off from the same platform which makes management a lot easier.

How WordPress Has Evolved Over The Years?

As the years have passed, you can almost think of it as how many people use WordPress today and that number has been increasing exponentially over the years with more billions of pages indexed on Google each day from sites built off of WordPress.