Jacksonville Advertising Agency

Advertising is where creativity meets conversation.

What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it and reaching your customer with the right message is crucial.

There are so many ways to say it and so many ways to deliver your value proposition - and it has to be persuasive yet subtle. From the initial meeting to the completed advertising campaign, RLS Group will concept and guide your ad campaign backed with research on your customer that tells us what works and how we reach them for the best use of your ad dollar.

  • Advertising Budgeting
  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Development
  • Ad Campaign Monitoring
  • Media Buying

Advertising Budgeting

When it comes to creating an advertising campaign, it is important you set your advertising budget in order for it to be successful. The most costly aspects in advertising are the media cost, production costs, and production time. Therefore, deciding on how much you are willing to spend on advertising will determine how much of these costs you are willing to incur.

Creative Direction

There are three steps in the creation of an effective piece of advertising: planning, creative execution, and release implementation. The plan by the advertiser is to be creative and engaging with their audience. Creative market implementation marks the important implementation of advertising. PR marks implementation, which involves the release of the advertising campaign itself to get public attention; this is where strategy includes market research and understanding how to effectively get your message out. Research implementation is implementation that focuses on implementation in the hands of the consumer.

Campaign Development

Once you have a team assembled and a creative direction, it is important that you develop your campaigns to guide you in the right direction. Developing a product that meets the audience’s needs and satisfies their expectations is a complex process that takes a lot of skill and talent. An advertiser should be able to stay on top of the details of their advertising campaign plan to distinguish themselves from their competitors and achieve the best possible results in their advertising.

Ad Campaign Monitoring

In any advertising campaign, measuring conversations is part of the process. Quantitative surveys done by social media networks and company blogs collect demographic and behavioral data on current and potential customers. In quantitative data, companies can define their identity and how they want to be perceived. In qualitative data, creativity is mixed with ad spend, allowing for a unique perspective that allows multiple points of view to be incorporated into the campaign.

Media Buying

Media buying is a business function of buying, selling, and otherwise managing of the purchase of airtime on the various media outlets. Media buyers assess the demand, supply, and value of advertising inventory, and formulate a plan for buying inventory on a single medium or across multiple media. In-depth advertising campaigns can be quite an expansive undertaking. Research, creative analysis, analysis of competitors, analysis of existing plans, and lucrative plans for media outlets can all take eons of time.

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